General partners:  
member of International Bartenders Association
Name of the program:
Erasmus +, educational mobility of individuals
Name of the project:
Italian cuisine with a focus on beverage products Number: 2014-1-CZ01-KA102-000180
Expected start date of the project:
November 1, 2014
Expected completion date of the project:
October 10, 2015
Objectives of the project:
The main objective of the project "Italian cuisine with a focus on beverage products" is to extend professional, language and cultural competencies of its participants. CBA members including teachers, graduates of vocational gastronomic schools, employees in catering establishments and pedagogues who are actively concerned in the education of pupils majoring in the beverage gastronomy at secondary vocational gastronomic schools, are going to participate in this internship.
Receiving organization:
Hotel Raffaello di Zecca Salvatore, Via Gramsci 37, 470 43 Gatteo Mare, Italy
Approved key activities:
7-day long internship in Italy for 30 people
term: September 2015
Approved grant support:
43.740 EUR

Results of the project:

On September 11, 2015 set a 30-member CBA group interns off from Brno to Italy to enjoy the ERASMUS + project "Italian cuisine with a focus on beverage products" (No. 2014-1-CZ01-KA102-000180).

Participants in the internship were members of the Czech Bartenders Association who are older than 18 years and actively educate pupils who major in the beverage gastronomy at secondary vocational gastronomic schools. It concerns the CBA teachers, CBA commissioners, graduates of vocational gastronomic schools, employees in catering establishments and teaching staff.

The project was conducted by a learning unit "Italian cuisine with a focus on beverage products", which was prepared according to the rules of ECVET. Working languages were English and Italian. Most of the guests spoke English and interns answered them in this language, of course. On the other hand, the communication in hotels and restaurants was primarily in Italian.

Interns worked in local restaurants, cafés and bars. They got to know the typical beverage products, and basic ingredients characteristic for Italian cuisine. They also normally presented the tables to guests and provided them with an assistance when choosing from the menu. Interns took orders and served typical Italian dishes strictly obeying the restaurants´ rules.

During the work, they had an opportunity to see several modern machinery and other equipment such as espresso machines, grinders for coffee, salt or spices and polishing machines for inventory that substitute manual labor. In the Czech Republic, we also use ice makers and ice crushers but our Italian friends can do much more. Interns prepared more than 50 different cocktails from Italian ingredients within the program. They tasted variety of Italian wines and learnt how to prepare five kinds of Italian coffee. The entire training program was complemented by series of excursions that promoted the acquirement of new professional skills.

At the end of the internship the interns took a final exam. Practical part consisted of serving guests in the evening business and communication in Italian language. Every participant blended one kind of fancy drink from Italian ingredients. The next task was to make a coffee, the type was selected by a lot. The representatives of the host organization evaluated their efforts and wrote the results down in the evaluation sheet. All interns were successful and received a certificate and Europass.

To sum up the internship there was a short questionnaire. All participants were satisfied with the learning program and gained new knowledge and skills. They improved their Italian language and they accommodation and meals exceeded their expectations.

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