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Partner CBA

What express the logo "PARTNER CBA":

Educational and other organizations that sympathize with the Czech Bartenders Association and support the achievement of its aims are marked with this logo. These companies also contribute to the implementation of individual actions Czech Bartenders Association, o. s.

What brings "PARTNER CBA" to CBA members:

In addition to the possibility of communicating with representatives of these companies brings also various discounts and other benefits when purchasing products such partners or potential uses of various educational activities of partner organizations after the presentation of a valid card member of CBA.

What I expect from the project "PARTNER CBA":

I expect that members of the CBA and JSC CBA will be in closer contact with these partners, what will help them to choose a quality contractor for own bar or other catering facility.

What are the conditions for the contract "PARTNER CBA":

Condition is an effort to promote Czech Bartenders Association, o. s. It is based on personal discussions with the statutory representative of the CBA in order to agree mutually advantageous cooperation.

I believe that being "PARTNER CBA" is not only profitable but it will bring new contacts and friends to partners and Czech Bartenders Association, o. s.

Aleš Svojanovský
president CBA z.s.

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