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Partner’s Bar CBA

Žlutá ponorka
Martini's bar
Black Angel's Bar
Hemingway bar
Bar, který neexistuje
Super Panda Circus

What express the logo "PARTNER’S BAR CBA":

This designation declares the quality, cleanliness and professionalism of barman work, which is realized in these cocktail bars. The logo informs about the fact that employees work is led by an expert from the Czech Bartenders Association z.s.

What brings "PARTNER’S BAR CBA" to CBA members:

In addition to guarantee of a quality drink made from high-quality materials also discounts for drinking eventually free drink for members of the CBA and JSC after the presentation of a valid card member of CBA.

What I expect from the project "PARTNER’S BAR CBA":

I expect that members of the CBA and JSC CBA, will try to find these companies in order to meet with their colleagues but also to enrich their knowledge and skills. Do you ask how? Simply - by watching the skilled ones, who have the honour to work in "PARTNER’S BAR CBA
For the general public, this symbol of a bar connected with a barman association will be certainly also some guarantee in choosing the right cocktail bar!!!

What are the conditions for the contract "PARTNER’S BAR CBA":

There are several conditions. The main and necessary one is that the owner or shef bartender must be a member of the CBA z.s. Another condition is that it must be a cocktail bar! The choice of any next bar must be agreed by the presidium CBA z.s. and for the acceptance of this partner it will be interviewed also by all the other "PARTNER’S BAR CBA. I believe that becoming a member of this kind of cocktail bar group will be a great challenge!

Creation of the project "PARTNER’S BAR CBA" was preceded by several discussions on the purpose and sense of this idea. I believe that this work was meaningful.

I am looking forward to see you at a good cocktail at one of the bar "PARTNER’S BAR CBA".

Aleš Svojanovský
president CBA z.s.

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