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Czech bartenders association z.s. is nowadays holder of the symbol of an expertness and quality bartending work in the broadest sense. Its leadership is aware of that the most valuable to offer to the members is high quality, targeted and systematic collection of information for professional growth and development of personality bartenders. In this effort is CBA supported by significant partner companies and gastronomic icon. We offer our members the possibility of continuing skill growth through workshops, bartender competitions; professional training and we visible appreciate this effort on the profile of individual members. We aim to the most effective transfer of information about new products, trends, directions and news about all of what we can learn how to do higher and better service for our guests.

Workshops and seminars for members of the CBA

Every year CBA holds a number of thematic training seminars for its members, to which are invited leading personalities and barman experts, partner companies and industry supporters. After each completed workshop a member receives sign of the process in his professional qualification to his profile. Workshops are held throughout the CR in announced dates and their material ensuring is for CBA members free. CBA puts a great emphasis on training of young barmen, so he aims to organize professional seminars for trainers annually.

Training commissioners of bartending competitions

Under the leadership of general commissioners is regularly hold this training in order to ensure fairness and objectivity in the classification of professional and junior competitions. Together with the training of technical commissioners, we also organize courses for the quality commissioners and guarantees of competitions.

Education and training

For the purposes of training your work team you can address the CBA. With certified lectors CBA can satisfy the needs and wishes and organize a seminar with a specific topic.
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