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Financial support for activities and sections

If you decide to provide particular CBA activities or section´s projects with an individual financial support, please use solely variable symbols listed below (there will be your member´s number filled in instead of zeros at the end of the symbol) when ordering the bank transfer. Your member´s number can be found in the file „Base of members“.
Please note that these variable symbols cannot be used for annual member´s fee payment (those can be find also in the file „Base of members“).

Bank account No.: 1935171379/0800
IBAN: CZ75 0800 0000 0019 3517 1379

 VS Name of the group
 88800000NVC – Národní vzdělávací centrum CBA
 88810000Czech Flair Team
 88820000Skupina certifikovaných lektorů CBA
 88830000Partner's Bar CBA
 88840000Mistr kávy CBA
 88850000Czech Teatenders
 88860000Czech Mixologist
 88870000Czech Beer Specialist
 99910000Emeritní klub CBA
4. - 8. 11. 2019
6. 11. 2019
WCC 2019
7. 11. 2019
WCC 2019
Svět barmanů 3/2019
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